fredag 29 april 2016

Dagens citat

"College students were brought together in groups of eight as subjects in a perception experiment. Each group was given a series of trials in which the members were to judge which of three lines was equal to a given line. (...) Actually, seven out of eight of the members of each group were confederates of the experimenter, who had instructed them to make the same incorrect judgments on each trial. (...) 37 percent of the judgments of the critical subjects were errors, the same 'errors' that the confederates made. Among 50 critical subjects, 37 agreed with the incorrect answers of the majority in their groups at least once in 12 trials." (s. 623) [Om Solomon Aschs grupptrycksexperiment - min anm.]

"(...) 26 out of 40 subjects were totally obedient; that is, they administered every shock they were ordered to administer. Only 14 of the subjects were defiant at some point in the experiment and refused to give further shocks." (s. 627) [Om Stanley Milgrams lydnadsexperiment - min anm.]

(Ur Wilbert James McKeachies och Charlotte Lackner Doyles bok "Psychology", andra upplagan, 1971.)

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